All that sounds great, but what do Resonation® Chinrest users say about it?

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John Sherba,Violinist, Kronos Quartet, San Francisco CA, “…Dear Mr. Anderson,
I got both chinrests and put them on my 2 violins. They both were very comfortable. Although neither of the instruments never had any wolf notes to begin with, I did notice that both violins became more open, giving them a bit more depth and ring. I’ll take any improvement I can get – congratulations! I ended up using the ebony for the older instrument and found the other one [rosewood] worked well for a newer violin. I was happy to find out how comfortable they were and after 30 years with the old chinrest I am now using yours for all my concerts and rehearsals” – thanks, John
Andrew Victor, Violinist, San Rafael CA, “…Gary, Thank you! I must say that I am completely and enthusiastically satisfied with the results on all 4 violins that now sport Resonation Chinrests. If one were going to value instruments on the basis of sound and ease of playing one would judge that these chinrests have at least doubled the value of my instruments – a small price to pay for thousands of dollars of reward. Sincerely, Andrew”
Jasim Almusallam, Violinist, Arab Emirates“…Dear Gary, It’s been hard trying to resist writing you since the chinrests arrived last week. I Immediately put them on as soon as the delivery arrived and was like “wow… this Gary really isn’t kidding around about this.”. I personally thank you for the changes you’ve allowed to happen through these chinrests. However, I believe you deserve acknowledgment for contributing the the upper strings community for a significant improvement in tone and playability. Whatever complaints I’ve had on my main violin are almost entirely gone! At first while tuning, I noticed the bold new tone that is richer, more focused and reaching out, I could say a little brighter but it might be more formed and defined. Then what became more apparent is the synergy of harmonics in the box and across the strings. This is clear with double stops as the chords just speak out openly which was a an issue with the chinrest prior. I keep smiling because it actually feels like cheating! The violin is just much easier to sound and play. I am not entirely sure about this but I thought I’d mention it since it might be useful to you. Using an iPhone App decibel measuring device, I think there is an increase of 5 decibels with your chinrests. I am happy with finally setting up the right pressure, that I didn’t want to take them off to compare, but from the current reading, I believe it’s higher about 5 dB’s than what I remember in the past. I don’t know how you’ve came up with this invention, but thank God you did. It’s not even fair to compare it to an upgrade of new strings or bow. New strings and bows don’t open up the violin like this, and it might sound harsh but, anyone that doesn’t notice a difference with your chinrests might as well consider giving up playing all together. Both my violin and I thank you. Sincerely,Jasim
Julia Gao, Violinist, Raleigh NC, …”[feedback from her father] The sound is much more focused now. And it sings more beautifully than before. … she really likes the sound.
Thanks for your wonderful chinrest!”
Lorenz GammaLorenz Gamma, Los Angeles CA. UCLA faculty, violinist Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, first violinist of two-time GRAMMY® Award winning Southwest Chamber Music. “… how very surprised I was to indeed notice a wonderful difference when I put your chinrest on. Even with my then quite old strings, my fiddle suddenly sounded much more open and bouncy, lively and sonorous. … I would say that I can play twice as soft than I used to, but without losing any of the ring, something that comes in especially handy in all chamber music! … I think the way in which it improves the upper dynamics is that the tone projects more by being more open in the first place.”
Judith MassJudith Mass, Los Angeles CA. First Violin, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. “… it seemed to focus the sound as well as help my wolf tone. I know just a bit about the wolf tone and know that the placement of your chinrest is better for stopping the vibrations that cause the wolf. The violin also seemed easier to play and more responsive.”
Francis AkosFrancis Akos, Chicago IL. 45 years Assistant Concertmaster, Assistant Concertmaster Emeritus of the Chicago Symphony. “Dear Gary, Thank you for the chinrest. I put it on and I was really astonished! My Bergonzi [violin] sounds at least twice as voluminous as it was before. Before it was a gorgeous sounding fiddle, but with your new chinrest adaptation it sounds just as beautiful, but twice as big. Congratulations!”
Michael AvaglianoMichael Avagliano, Metuchen NJ. Luthier, professional violinist and violist, orchestra director, violist of the Madison String Quartet. “It gives my violin a more crystalline sound, which is really nice, and a clearer sound that is easier to control. With my Resonation viola chinrest my viola sounds warmer and richer, and it has a clearer sound, particularly in the middle register. It definitely has a lot warmer sound, and the chinrest has helped focus the sound. My quartet will thank you!”
Damian BoucherDamian Boucher, Hillside NJ. Composer, Award winning professional fiddler, formerly featured performer at the Grand Ole Opry, professional contract violinist. “The Resonation Chinrest definitely makes my violins louder. In fact at an acoustic show a guitar player said ‘What do you have that violin on? 11?’” [This refers to a rock term that means his violin was sounding very big and powerful.]
Arlene J. ScharArlene J. Schar, Hellertown, PA. Professional Improvisational Violinist. “I have just test driven the remarkable Resonation® chinrest, and I find it to bring a brighter and fuller sound to my violin. I’m very happy with the results.”
Rick ShinozakiRick Shinozaki, San Francisco Bay area, CA. Violinist with the Del Sol Quartet,. “WOW! It’s like a machine gun! [his previously soft sounding Old Italian violin now has lots of power] I love it!”
Dr. Kurt SprengerDr. Kurt Sprenger, Fort Worth TX. Violinist, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra; Director, Fort Worth Civic Orchestra. “It [his violin] sounds ‘silkier’”
Lisa NelsonLisa Nelson, Bloomfield NJ. Violinist. “What I like about the chinrest is that the design takes away the “corseting” [tight restricting] of the violin ribs by the rigid brackets of other chinrests, so the violin responds more to bowing technique. The enhanced breathability of the fiddle seems to provide slightly wider sweet spots on the string in terms of intonation.”
Judy Baum, Seattle, WA. Assistant Concertmaster, Boeing Orchestra of Flight. “The chinrest is first of all, more comfortable. I noticed at once a natural, more relaxed fit that stays comfortable while playing – no more tiring readjustments! Moreover, I find the voice of my violin is open and rich – it is easier to produce the pure, vibrant sound I’m after.”

You won’t find disclaimer words like “results not typical” here – these are typical results.

But don’t take my word for it, or even theirs. Order your Resonation® Chinrest right now and give it a good workout for 60 days. Once you experience the Resonation® difference, you won’t want to go back.

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