Chinrests styles with the new Resonation® Pad System are Dresden and Teka (side-mounted), and Guarneri (over the tailpiece mounted), in beautiful, high-quality, hand-selected Ebony and Rosewood. Extensive testing of chinrests made of various woods, with the exclusive Resonation® Pad System has shown that these Guarneri and Rosewood offer the best sonic results. Rosewood will tend to bring out a warmer, rounder sound – great for instruments whose sound could use a bit of refinement – great for chamber music. Ebony will tend to bring out a brighter, more direct sound – ideal for instruments that can use a little more “oooomph” – excellent for symphonic and solo work. If you have a different style chinrest I highly suggest that you try whichever is most like what you already have. When in doubt, why not get one of each? Ebony and Rosewood! The cost of two is only a little more that the cost of a new set of strings, each will last for many years, and it is so much fun changing the sound of your instrument as you wish.

Note: Physical size and shape of each model may vary slightly, since each chinrest is hand made, and due to supplier variances.

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